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    The abbreviated history of graphic design

    When most people think of graphic design today they come up with two different images: Apple and all of the absolute the gorgeous products and advertisements that they produce on a nearly daily basis Some neck beard hipster living in their mother’s basement trying to scratch a living off of the Internet by doing logo…

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    How to use Photoshop to separate colors

    Unless you enjoy frustration, stress, pressure, and almost animalistic rage while designing, you probably don’t put too much thought into separating each of the different colors in your designs while you’re working on – even though you know you need to later down the line if you (or your client) will screen print your work….

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    We are here!

    Review My Design is now officially live. We are taking submissions for designs and submissions for articles, please click the appropriate link if you wish to participate. Take the time to read our about page which outlines some guidelines regarding submissions and a quick overview on what we are set out to achieve. Thanks for visiting…